King Tuts wah wah tent Saturday

The entry of this five piece Scottish band (seven years old from Selkirk) is full on and sudden. There is nothing  remotely frightened about this rabbit.  Unless it’s the Donnie Darko variety. Hands are in the air, bodies are on shoulders.
‘Thank you so much for coming to see us. We are called Frightened Rabbit from Scotland.' They open with ‘Nothing Like Ye’.  Lager sprays in the air, frenzied melodies. In front of me a couple of girls with brightly painted pink faces are in tears.  I am not sure whether it’s Frightened Rabbit hysteria or T in the Park overdose syndrome.
‘I think it’s time to dance, don’t you?’ brings on the rest of their set which has a definite folk structure  combined with some of the ferocity of rock, fairground uplifting melodies with a sprinkling of harmonies.