Last night I saw a star explode

I ran out of electricity tokens

yellow street light on my bed


By supertram construction nightlife,

Taxi horns,

Clock chimes,

Coronation Street above me,

Brookside below me,

Drunks home crawling,

Dogs and owners walking


And idly stared up at the black

yellowlit mass above

The concrete pigeon-coop


A few stars to be counted

But hard to focus on,

Do a dot-to-dot on

But no, one single


Glaring, flaring,

Sparks flying,

Twisting, burning,

Megakilo watts

Of combusting energy,

Of atoms blindly

Smashing, vibrating,


With unknown cause or season

Above our logical world of reason


It spurned and burned,

Flashed and shouted,

20,000 trillion blazes flouted

For one hour and a half

I was mesmerised

By its unconscious beauty,

This raw, unchallenged honesty,

Above this world of vanity

An approaching plane

In the Top Left Hand corner

Of the page Sky

Diagonally directed

Straight at my star.


There was no button to press,

No way I could avoid it.

I watched in terror and alrm,

Unable to decoy it.

It hit my Star,

It died. It broke.

Falling fragments,

Trails of red smoke.

The plane

The same

Down to the Centre Right

Hand Side

Of page Sky

While my Star withered

To the status of the others and I ask