Ray Summers are probably one of the most unlikely sounding bands around, resembling a more sunny version of the Happy Mondays with 21st century grooves.

Andy Ure:  ‘We played T Break last minute last year. We only found out on the Saturday morning. The bass player was down in England so it was quite a run around!

‘This year, we were up against Eminem but we still got one thousand punters in.  We’ve been together two years. This year we’ve got a single, ‘Heshka Rashka’ out 2nd August and are bringing out our debut album ourselves.

‘We’re from Falkirk. We knew each other from bands we’d played in previously. The whole approach to music was to play songs we enjoyed and see where it took us: six people in the band with six different influences.

‘I write the lyrics but the music comes out with an idea. It’s definitely a full band effort.

‘We go down to London every second month and are beginning to make a name down there which is a big part of it.  People find it hard to categorise our sound. It’s bouncy with a groove to stick in your head and has a soulful sound to it melodywise. We are recording a debut album at The Monomen Studios in Fife on September 10th. We’ve got eleven songs.’