10th January Watts 1995


by Nina


It's raining blood

Not water today

The news tells me it's a state of emergency

The flood is rising

And the stars are falling

(But they didn't report that)

The moon turned red

It's on

And on and on til the breakadawn

And it don't stop last night this morning

Pop-pop-pop Barokk! .44 shot

Using death like plastic

To buy another soul sealed in a bodybag casket

The blood calls tooloud she screams too wild

I think they massacred the projects

Tell someone please but no

Not even the police dare face the truth

Of an unwanted youth

And the reality of death, death in all of us

They say it's just them

Crazy niggas making up a fuss

I hear your wail, momma, I feel your sobs, homie

Is it blood or rain soaking under

My front door

The 'worthless one dollar"

Life leaves a void where a faceless,

Bodiless bigger than life


screams deeperlouder higher deeper

Waking the millionaire fat tycoon in his jumbojet sleeper,

The prisoner in his cell,

The dope fiend in his pleasureless hell,

The child from her slumber.

No it was not a number

But a soul

It was not all about getting paid, or paying back

Being down or not taking no slack

it was about saving your soul

You said this was hell

But now hell is a hole

Spiralling down down with no ground

Despair and destruction

Are the Real Gangsters of the Ghetto

Ignorance the weapon

And Fear the dope.

Choke our knowledge,

Crush dreams and hope.

Love God, Love Thy neighbour, Love thyself

Change cuts deep to the heart

For unless we stop soon

Twilight zone

Forever enters the dark.