Introduced by Vic Galloway from Radio Scotland, the group take the stage and the hearts of their audience pretty immediately.  They are a six piece with a range of unlikely instruments, including a double bass and a flute. They use experimental sounds with an old school, bittersweet structure to give its intensely emotive effect.
Leadsinger Louis Abbott greets an eager crowd with: ‘Thanks for coming to see us. The Proclaimers are down there. What are you doing here?’

But everyone seems to know exactly why they are there.

‘We want to play you some new songs.’

This band have their roots in folk with an edge. There are arches and slow lurches building to a roaring storm. It’s very emotional stuff with an ever-increasing crowd agreeing. Their album ‘Boots Met My Face’ contains some gems including the fantastic ‘Old Balloons’ which lifts you higher than helium and has just as many strange sounds.