Main stage Sunday 2pm

Over a decade ago, this band was notorious for being beyond controversial, - purely because they had an outspoken bald black lass as their frontwoman who actually could sing and for being a band that could rock any weathered contemporary under the carpet. Now that the politics have faded away in a new society, Skunk Anansie’s true artistry can really be seen and the band are reveling like an animal recently let out of its cage.

There is no doubting the evident joy and anticipation Cass and Ace show when they enter stage and try to contain their grins.  The guitars start, the drums pummel and then, like the elemental being she is, Skin enters, resplendent in black, white trainers, huge gold sleeve/wing boxes, hood up – at once both intimidating and glorious in her audacity and power.  Her high voice soars and screeches over the wind.
‘T in the Park, are you fucking ready?’


How such a delicate , flexible voice can operate with such ferocious force is a  wonder in itself, so much so the sun decides to step out to take a look at this competing energy.
‘And the sun is out! It’s going to be a brilliant day!’

For new fans, it drew breath – this lithe figure flinging itself across space seemed barely human, seemed like something out of science fiction.  Soon the black hood was shed to reveal that famous bald head.  Skins’ iconic inspiring image has returned, with an even fiercer, fuller boldness in expression, her athletic yet undeniably female frame more liberated than ever as she springs across stage and crowd, making Karen O look like a trainee.  The mighty gold arms are so appropriate for a band that is more a force of nature than contrived concept. Dancing, diving, roaring, screaming and singing without a breath in between the most demanding of leaps, squats, pirouettes and pounces, Skin leads the band through a list of songs from their legacy including hits ‘Weak’, ‘Because of You’, ‘Hedonism (Just because it feels good)’ as well as new songs from their forthcoming album ‘Wonderlustre’ like ‘My Ugly Boy’ where she picks up a guitar.

Previous live shows do not compare to this. The band have lost none of their integrity and have grown beyond their own abilities to create worlds at once familiar and bizarre, helping their audience to reconnect. Skunk Anansie were always a band light years ahead of their time. But they are most definitely closer to it now and the excitement is tangible.