Beatnic Prestige – Good to Go Single Review

Release Date – 18-05-2009

  After the successfully release of their self titled E.P. back in January, renowned Fife band Beatnic Prestige are back with their debut single Good to Go.

  Beatnic Prestige are an Indie / Punk / Rock 4 piece from the “Toon” of Dunfermline and consist of Jim McNab (Lead vocals / Guitar), Alan "Albo" Mills (Lead Guitar / Vocals), Billy "Butch" Underwood (Drums) and Lee "The Face" Christie (Bass).

  CaVa studio’s in Glasgow was once again the place of choice for recording duties, and once again, Beatnic Prestige left with another solid product that has definitely done their 2009 festival hopes no harm at all.

  The very first seconds of any song are essential.  In this day and age, music is getting made quicker than we can realistically listen to, so if the intro is somewhat lacking, then the chances of it getting binned faster than one of Madonna’s African adoption applications are high.  Good to Go, thankfully is not troubled by this at all – it begins as it means to go on.  Loud!  Building from a simple guitar riff, it is immediately followed by The Faces tank stopping bass lines, and then, well, from there on, there isn’t any looking back.  Jim’s vocals are loud and clear, and accompanied by Albo’s rapturous guitar playing, this is an award winning formula that at the moment, seemingly cannot be broken.

  To sum up Good to Go, for me it feels like someone has finally came up with the ultimate song for traffic lights.  In our day to day travels, everyone can surely relate to boy racers pulling up next to us, blaring out their cars what can only be described as speaker aids.  Luckily, thanks to Beatnic Prestige, we now have the cure.  Good to Go is searing with volume both with its pummelling drums and driving bass.  Backed with Jim’s sing-along vocals, there is no way in Indie hell that doof doof music can ever compete with this effort, and that surely is something to be grateful for.

Tomas Bird
The Real State Magazine