photos by Steve Gunn

The Devonshire three piece (sounds like a conservative piece of furniture) has arrived.  In every sense.  And the only static thing about this furniture is the electricity. Matt Bellamy, Dom Howard and Chris Wolstenholme finally come on stage with enough energy to either solve the global crisis or cause its cataclysm.  The pink sky bodes strange things and  a siren and red lights announce the band’s entry to stage.  Matt Bellamy is pogoing in a sequined suit. There is a futuristic feel and a Mars atmosphere.  There is no chat as ‘Supermassive Black Hole’, the second song, starts. The guitars are doing all the talking until:
‘How’s it going out there, T?’
Blistering lights, futuristic outfits, sounds and a cosmic energy burst out from the stage.  These were the tunes industry insiders thought wouldn’t be commercial. Unlucky.  The lazer show swirls over the massive crowd, green lazer streaks reaching out to the electrified audience.  There was so much static, if the rain had started then, the skeletons would have been dancing.