We review books - old and brand hot-off-the-press new - to save you time, money and give you a glimpse into the treasure chest of worlds and understanding out there. While a diminishing vocabulary and ability to reduce experience to fourteen words or less is favoured by the Twittering majority, we shall be perversely celebrating those who can milk a word, a letter, a sound, a structure for everything they want and more. Our only brutality will be in extracting their pearls of wisdom and observation.

It started as a result of several kids in Compton moaning about tacky boring books. One can understand their frustration. Kids crave beauty, energy and realness, however horrific. This is our homage to all the pioneers, explorers, and  true creatives who struggled to  illuminate, define and describe unknown worlds, creatures and people as accurately as possible.

If you have a BOOK (not a song) that needs reviewing, please email nina@therealstate.co.uk.