1.  Why does the tap water make my cat vomit?

2. Why does the shower water make my hair fall out and give me eczema?

3. Why do I have to pay someone to be nice? Why does EVERYTHING require another payment and why, no matter what you give, do you always feel like YOU are the one doing the robbing?

4. Why do stores like Wholefoods exist? Shouldn't all food be whole? What's the alternative? Crap food? Semi-food? Pure poison? Oh no right - junk food.

5. Why do you have to be rich to be able to afford a food allergy/intolerance?

6. What is the difference between Captain Crunch and crystal meth? 

7. Which one do you go to jail for? Why?

8. Is the point of County Hospitals and Medicare to remind people they really, really should have got health insurance? I broke my leg - no health insurance. The ambulance turned around and left me. I got no cast put on for a month. I finally got in line at USC County Hospital at 7am, waited all day with gunshot victims, the old, terminally sick, the poor, the non-English speaking til 4pm. Finally got a cast put on by 4 med students - too tight and twisted. Three weeks' later, leg ulcerated and twisted. My carpenter friend cut it off with his stone cutter as I couldn't afford to go back to hospital. I lived off a diet of donuts and black coffee. Finally went to Harbor County Hospital. They said I needed a $60,000 pin job or would be a cripple for life.  Instead, I went home to England where NHS staff told me I had no bone left, to eat a diet rich in calcium and daily put weight on it through walking, even if in pain.  Six weeks' later - 120% bone density returned. I got my leg back again. If I had had $60,000 or health insurance, I WOULD have been a cripple.

9. Why won't pharmacists tell you what's in the drugs?

10. Why do the skin and hair care products cause more problems? Why don't the sunblocks block UV rays?

11. Why have they cut drama, music and art from State (public) education? 

12. Why are most houses never owned by mortgage paying 'owners' - even if they keep up with payments to the final date?

13. Why do evidence of weevils, rodent droppings, human hair, fungi and pink moulds appear in wheat sold commercially for flour?

14. How are poor people to achieve the American Dream if education in unobtainable and housing, food and health unsustainable?

15. Why are there no educated, trained journalists and scientists working for impartial organisations? Or why are their voices not given the deserved authority?

16. Why is total freedom given to conspiracy theorists and cult leaders but real evidence is silenced?

17. Why has nothing changed regarding gun control?

18. Why is it most Americans know all this but don't question or fight it?

19. How come Jay Z gets away with selling black culture and no one sees how dangerous this is?

20. Why do I even still care?