By Ciara aged 15, Compton, California


The human being in silence.

The human being living with the darkest past.

The human being always on her knees.

Human being living with the needs.

Human being with a dark past.

Human being wishing she was living big at last.

How could such a human being live so long?

How could such a human being be so strong?

Stay so strong?

The human being with tears in her eyes with the thoughts coming

From her mind of living a lie.

The human being who cares in the night, afraid of open sight.

A human being living in the shadows and feared of the night.

Human being filled up with so many emotions inside.

A human being surrounded by people who know the truth

Yet they filled her with so many lies.

The human being who wore so much bling

And the human being who didn’t believe in writing the same thing

Yet she was a human being who just loved to sing,

To sing.

How can a human being do such a thing?

Remnded of that evil queen?

The human being who knew the queen couldn’t let things

So evil just be.

Human being in silence wishing that the world wasn’t so violent.

Human being wishing that she was a leader, wishing that people weren’t so mean to her.

Reminded of her kindness, of her warm heart

Yet again wishing that the people wouldn’t beat her.

Human being wanting only one thing which  she’s working her way

To be believed in.

Human being who one told of her dreams and she thought

Of one thing which is winning everything.

Human being in silence wanting everything to be private.

The human being is me, the human being who you didn’t think

Could do such a thing.

The human being dealing with such struggles,

Moving forward steady.

Well, how is that so?

The human being is her, the human being who you didn’t think

Could do such a thing.

How could a human being be able to go on with such a saddened past?

She won’t last.

The human being is me

Who you didn’t think could do such a thing.

The human being – well, it’s me. I’m the human being

Who wanted to rule everything.

The human being who is in silence, tuning out the sirens,

Giving to the needy. It’s me.

You see I am that remarkable human being who could be

And live up to her own pathetic dreams.