“Truth with Knowledge”

It’s not riches I search for its truth in its purest form

I hold it dear in my heart tears fall from my eyes on rainy days there’s

A storm in my soul, down here im poor still seeking knowledge an truth in an

Evil world it’s not riches I search for its truth in its purest form

I hold it dear in my heart still seeking truth in a world that’s dark.


“My Role Models”

Are Mandela the warrior, who rized up getting rid of Apartheid

Not just scholars, especially not gold teeth block scholars

Real G’s, with vision for change, not greedy unity we scream

Like Geronimo my fire burns, I’m a warrior riding for what I believe in

Gandhi the intelligent untouchable teaching for God

All of us one thing in common fighting the English



“These are my role Models” not bending on my views I’d die first no questions asked that’s for me an god Not for the faint of heart they don’t know we die an ride for principles an beliefs we want sacrifice our views, for no one. While they shackle us and keep us imprisoned we are gods suns his children. Dedicated to the warriors Sincerely Shaun Overstreet, AKA DOSE



'A little about me I’m the youngest of a broken home broken family. I have overcame a lot throughout my life. That continues to this day inspiring me. I was raised in a lot of different neighborhoods around different cultures. I am a passionate lover of knowledge and truth love reading the classics. Only the real no fairy tales. I love reading and writing as much poetry as I can fit in a day. I’m passionate about helping others in any way. As long as they smile. Staying in shape and living my life as a mission to help change the world. At the end of the day to sum me up I am a man of faith. Who lives his life in truth? Who is sensitive compassionate and loves his family and friends. Who will never stop fighting for change.'