Art is money. Really.  The whole problem is people think they are two separate things, that there is a difference between the two.  We have been fed a lie so we serve money . Art has been portrayed as an unnecessary sentimental indulgence, a narcissistic tic that only the supremely wealthy and privileged can endorse.


Which is probably one of the biggest lies of all.  Yet all over the world, the commercialisation of art is seen as success and the poverty of truly gifted artists is viewed as failure.  In fact, both of them are big Fs as they both follow the prevailing philosophy of the old world order: Money is God.


Well, you can’t serve both God and Money. Not because God has nothing to do with money and money is evil but because God is greater than money.  He IS the money, he IS art. He is the only creator, benefactor, director, the only generator.  All the rest of us, at our best,  are punk fake imitators. But when you follow the blueprint your creator placed in your heart, you cannot help but succeed! You are original, you are the best because you are what you were created to be.


But people try to live others lives, try to live a lie, look like a lie, worship the idols, the creations and wonder why their dreams crack and crumble.


We should creatively transform money.


If we believe art – the expression of the soul and eternal values – is money, shouldn’t we put our money where our mouth is?


Art is about ownership.  Money for money’s sake is about being owned.  What holds your gold, will hold your soul.


What is selling right now is not art but an idol, a lie. It won’t deliver wealth to you – either spiritual or financial. It is not based on truth. And without truth, we perish – along with our most ‘creative’ visions.


Stop worshipping the fake.

Follow the real.