From 1993 poetry collection 'BACKWALL AND SOULACHE' by Nina Bhadreshwar




Would you catch me if I screamed

Would you hold me while I bled?

Rock me in your arms,

Let agony drill through my head?

When you kissed me

I would bring

No word love

But pain, a tender thing.

I would stab your soul with fire.

Never leave and never tire.



TATTOOD (last poem sent to Tupac September 3rd 1996)

Words lose their grip

But your love

Indian ink light years deep

From my soul

Will never slip.



Would u know me if I called

Would u know me if I fell

Would u know me if I wrote u

From the other side of hell?

Would u kiss me in the dark

B4 u knew my name

If u felt my rawbone spine

If u felt my burning shame?

Hug me tight out of your need

Or from a 10 mile TV pity?

Do u know what I am?

Do u know about forgiving?



Why do you always ask me

Where I’m from?

Would a name explain me?

A place define me?

A background excuse me?

Where I’m from you don’t dare to go

Else you’d know

That place is the home of the soul.