When Tupac was studying a system or a man, he STUDIED. He wanted to know the mind, the emotions, the actions, the motivations, the strategies, the history.  But the man who made the greatest impression and the one in whom he finally found his own heart, purpose and story was Jesus Christ. Pac wasn't religious. Although he had always had faith in God and called out to him, he believed Jesus was the son of God. And because of that faith, he understood that he too was an heir. He reconfigured the gospel for our generation.

I challenge anyone, whatever you believe, to read any of the Gospels and not find the root of Pac's heart and nature. The same face like flint, set on its purpose, the same quest for justice, truth, compassion for the poor and wrath against the hypocrites and political powers oppressing his people. The same shadows of symbols, chosen disciples, traitors, foreknowledge and forgiveness.  The real tragedy was how the world labelled him a criminal, a gangster and an abuser of women. In Jesus, he found someone who contained an even greater union of contrasts and extremes than existed in his own life.  Unlike Pac, he was perfect  but Pac also saw his humanity and it was this he translated for us.

Pac's nature always demanded two hundred per cent commitment - it was how he'd been raised and the desperation with which he pursued both his message and the fastest exit from this world. And he was on a quest for the truth. He found both and lived his life fully and completely. It's only controversial and seen as dysfunctional because the majority of us live safe, guarded, selfish existences.  Sane people wouldn't seriously take up their cross, deny themselves, scream 'Fuck Tha World' - not if that same world was finally their oyster.