'WORDS wasted WISE' by Nina


I remember a time

When my thoughts  came so fast

Fragments of broken glass

Splintering over one another

Trying to discover

What it was in that mirror

My mother never told me

Before she left me


But now I know

Don’t need to explain

Cuz when you bury your pain

You bury it alive

It will survive to reclaim you

And yours and to blame

The curse on those before us


So I burnt my bridges

Left but one to cross

And that cross

Alone is the only one I need

To succeed to

Replace your crown of scorns

And thorns with one of

Pure joy

Higher than any kite

What I do is by faith and not by sight

You’ll never see me

But you will feel me


Fat cats keep miaowing

On the stairs

Thinking their purrs and affection

Will take me unawares

But I don’t need you and I won’t feed you


My words now are written

In flesh and blood

Don’t need your fame or your name

I’ll leave a trail

Only the wise and free will find

An open door

For the poor and the blind.