HOSEA 10 V 12

'Plant the GOOD SEEDS of righteousness and you will harvest a CROP OF MY LOVE. PLOW UP THE HARD GROUND OF YOUR HEARTS for NOW is the time to seek the Lord that he may come and shower righteousness upon you.'


Both faith and actual hard graft are required to bring forth fruit. Hard graft in the form of plowing up the hard habits and entrenched thinking, prejudices, personal fears and excuses, idols and self-orientated schedules. Faith in believing none of our efforts cause fruitfulness and the bountiful harvest we yearn for - all life, all productivity is of God; at most, we are farmers, entrusted with the stewardship of our bodies, minds, spirits, material resources and relationships. But by ourselves we can cause no life or growth.

Remember: out of a miniscule mustard seed a huge kingdom grows, sufficient to host and shelter birds, animals, an entire ecosystem plus provide generations of further fruit. Out of two scrappy fish and five measly rolls of bread, a feast for five thousand was provided. Out of a quart of oil and cup of flour, an abundance of bread and oil was produced in a land of famine. The key? Faith that the Living God is one of compassion, abundance and more than willing to provide above and beyond all his creation needs if they just believe, give thanks and ask.


A belief in a stingy and mean God who is cruel and spiteful reaps its own reward.