So much now depends on supplementing our impoverished and toxic food/water supply in order to thrive. Just like most reasonably informed folk, I try to do the same. However, after a slew of vile infections and diseases while in Scotland, despite following a vegan diet, I came to realise I needed something stronger to kickstart a system that could no longer function as it should. Mononucleosis, chronic anaemia, a five month hookworm infestation, acute bronchitis and an inability to absorb or process protein, vitamins or minerals plus zero probiotics, an immune system wiped out by a monopoly of parasites.

 A pretty good metaphor for my life, actually, except it was now a very physical reality. Nothing worked and the little nourishment I was gaining was going to pointless, vicious leeches. The docs scratched their heads, my naturalist pals threw every remedy unknown to mankind at me and I was about to become one of the millions of victims of every marketing strategy, fake doc, health expert on the internet.

 This is my daily regimen now. How I got well, not just well again - but better than new, no again. I am just sharing snippets as I know people are busy, overwhelmed with everyone trying to tell them what to do with their lives. This is really for folk who are desperate – seriously sick or spiritually, emotionally on their last breath.  I am far from an expert; in fact, I am the antithesis of one. I realise I know nothing – all those years, experiences, the best I can come up with is a reliance on God. You can stop reading now in disgust at my lack of independent thought.

 Nonetheless, I know what it is to be desperate so I am putting this out there for those who are who I can’t reach in person.

 Sometimes it will be physical: recipes or new habits I have discovered that have an effect. The first food I could absorb after four weeks was the broth of an entire organic chicken, liquid gristle and all, a cup a day. That healed my gut almost immediately! And I was a vegan. Then I started having live yogurt and learning how to make my own. It took ages to be able to eat two tablespoons.  

Sometimes it will be emotional/mental – something I’ve read, heard, seen which has nourished, inspired or challenged me at my lowest and when struggling to get better.

 Sometimes it is spiritual – as in an event, realisation or meditation which has pulled me closer to God’s way and further from self and this world.


For this section, you are welcome to take and use, process, absorb or reject what you will. One thing I know for SURE: God's word WILL transform you - or your money back. Be prepared. All copyright= God's.