You have a unique fingerprint, a unique DNA - physical and spiritual.

Following the blueprint for your life requires you to be brave enough to be still, silent and just listen. You were born with everything you need to set you off on your real purpose in life: your senses, your background, your physique, your spirit will all point you to the nourishment and direction you need for the next step if you listen carefully.

Don't compare or measure yourself to anyone else. Don't be polluted by external stimulation or forces. If you know your purpose, you can take what you need and move on.

Have you noticed how some people have been everywhere, seen and done everything fashionable, have a throwaway comment on everything but are cynical and dissatisfied? While others, confined to one place or limited physically or psychologically, explore perceptive depths and wonders and riches the well-travelled, well-cultured will never fathom?

Follow your blueprint - not somebody else's. You have something precious to give the world, a specific job - no matter how short/long, painful or strange your life journey. Live it.