Remembering this date and time of year is always very painful and doesn't get less so 18 years on...

Yet I am blessed by the lessons I've learned, the pain which gained me wisdom no ideology or theory can shift, and the resolve to complete the work we were so rudely interrupted in.

'Give as it has been given unto you.'

A good measure, overflowing, will flood more than all your needs. 'For with the measure you use, it will be given unto you.'

Notice you have to GIVE first before you GET. For those still waiting for their payday, their rewards, with chips on shoulders and eyes on what they have done which requires compensation, focus instead on what you have RECEIVED, lavishly and abundantly before you start filing those receipts. Give freely, abundantly, with a full and joyful heart - not because you want to get but because you are overwhelmed with how much you have already been given. Instead of writing a list of your debtors, write a list of all your blessings and, I guarantee you, your perspective and health problems will shift.


Number 1 rule for living successfully.