With regard to Trump's pulling out of the Paris Accord Agreement and America's retreat from the world, he is no new phenomenon; America has seen his type in previous, pre-war times:

'Freedom that was a thing to use

They've made a thing to save

And staked it in and fenced it round

Like a dead man's grave.'  Archibald MacLeish 'Brave New World'


President Roosevelt's commencement address in Virginia June 1940 argued against American Firsters who wanted the USA to be an island, a vision he declared to be 'the nightmare of a people in prison, handcuffed, hungry and fed through the bars from day to day by the contemptuous, unpitying masters of other continents.'

 The UK and US should do well to realize their isolationism and hysteria, their slamming of the door to the alien, will not unite and solidify but in fact divide and separate their people. It will impoverish and not enrich them and undo the work of centuries. The best thing to come out of the horrors of World War 1 and World War 2 was the Treaty of Naples, the unification of Europe. By dismantling Europe, many other nations stand to gain power. Agreed the EU isn't perfect; it's human but it is better than nations, confused, bewildered and paranoid, destroying each other and  acting purely in headless chicken self-interest.

 The seeds of division and distrust were sown long before the Brexit result, the US election result. The seeds of greed were no longer crushed by the vital vigor of humanity, loving kindness and trust. Our morality was rotten due to the selfishness which led to our nations flourishing at the expense of others, at the expense of the planet.

 Now the only way forward is a return to the God and the laws of the universe, a determination to hold to the truths of kindness and a wisdom to sift the presented 'fact' with real evidence. Wisdom is as essential as truth in winning a war but the aged forsook wisdom and, like Lear and Gloucester, stagger now in their folly. The youth call out for wisdom; there is nothing nature abhors more than an old fool. Better a young one who can still learn. An old one is the true evidence of a wasted life. What have they left to give having surrendered their kingdoms , their health and wealth?

 'It is not enough, in this war of hoaxes and delusions and perpetuated lies, to be merely honest. It is necessary also to be wise.' Archibald MacLeish April 1942 aka 'Be as innocent as doves and as shrewd as snakes'.

Our greatest assets are the heads  we seem intent on losing.