By Nina Bhadreshwar


Which star? Where? Did it die?

If it didn't die and didn't shine,

Why do I care?

We are all descended from stars:

70% water with a 30% unique

Combination of minerals,

Birthed in catalytic combustions,

Explosions, decimations,

Colliding constellations.

We are the particles of the universe,

Born in eternity's heart,

Formed for a purpose in time,

Suspended here

Hanging like a gossamer

Diamond dew web thread

Between time and eternity, night and day,

Between galaxies gone

And those yet to be,

Witnessed by 10,000 beings.

So how are we ever alone

But when we ourselves

Snap and cut that energy

That birthed us,

Gave us life -

We never deserve it -

A being, a skin, a moment in time.

Winds and waves obey it,

Devils and demons submit to it,

Yet humans feel they

Can do without it

Very nicely, thank you.

So, we this glorious suspension of stars,

Born, birthing and yet to be

Moving, breathing, speaking, touching

Each other yet not.

What drivel to say 'LIFE GOES ON'.

No it does NOT.

That's the whole point.

Death goes on.

We snapped our thread from eternity,

Wilfully planning our own destiny,

Spiralling into a black hole of




One man, in Time, in Eternity

Came to restore our connection

To the stars and beyond

To the heart of eternity itself.

It's all chemistry. It's all physics,

A bit of biology yet we

Are not just hydrogen and matter -

The element we cannot measure

Gives us life.


Scientists confine it to a clock

And a box of visual data unrelated to the code,

The blueprint we're all born with

To live in time but once

And thoroughly, wild and free.


Disconnected soul, surrender

To life.

That combination of water, spirit and stardust

That made us

No accident.

We are not born to fear,

Though many not born in love

Yet all know Love has the final say.

We are not destined for clay

But as stunning as the stars he breathed.


Face your shame, your truth


In the belief you are loved and forgiven

By a living eternal.

The clock is ticking;

Time's not forever.

Once you face them


You are as limitless as

The Stars.


That's what they did last night.