Review written by Shaun Overstreet

Leo Tolstoy’s “The Kingdom of God is Within You”

Originally published in 1893

'This book is about Tolstoy’s study of human misery and the hypocrisy’s. To which men live being deceived by society and the current state of things. Tolstoy writes with courage and prophetic insight. Like a man on a mission confronting the world. Stating how we as men should live according to “Jesus Christ” and his teachings to not respond to evil with evil. To denounce violence all men to live the truth that’s within.

There are no bad points in this book to me. The great qualities are the knowledge an truth. Tolstoy wrote an studied with no fear. Getting to the truth showing how the current state of misery, violence and deception must end. No bad points in this book at all. Any lover of knowledge with truth pick it up. This book affected down to the depths of my soul. Sparking in me my own truth giving me the strength to continue to live in truth. The reason I highly recommend this book its clear anyone that see’s beyond deception and knows they don’t have to live in their current state of misery. This book reminds us individually with the world one by one we all have what it takes inside to escape. To break the cycle an live in light. The world need’s books like this there timeless. So the next time in search of a great read. Don’t pass it up pick it up you won't be able to put it down. It’s one of my many favorites.

Sincerely Shaun Overstreet AKA DOSE'